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Custom Bathroom Vanities Colorado Spring

Bathroom vanities tend to go overlooked as an element of interior design. During your routine, the sink and its cabinets are almost entirely used for functionality rather than style. Why stick to that pattern, though, when you could elevate the atmosphere of your home or business with the design and installation of a custom bathroom vanity?

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When we approach bathroom design, there is a natural assumption that you need to work around the functional staples. We shift our eyes to the color themes and the shower curtain design without paying much attention to the focal point of the room. The bathroom vanity has the power to dominate your bathroom design by dictating the exact mood you are aiming for.

If you are working toward a modern style with sleek metals and sharp edges, a custom bathroom vanity made of deep cherry wood might be your go-to finish that ties the whole design together. If you are hoping to instill a homey feeling for guests in a rustic setting, you may choose a bolder butcher block made of reclaimed wood. You may even want a bolder, more traditional design with a dark mahogany finish that draws your attention to the uniquely designed vessel sink.

Regardless of your goal for your bathroom interior design, the expert woodworking craftsmen at Eden Oaks are prepared to design, craft, and install your custom bathroom vanity. With years of experience, our team in Colorado Springs can create the image you have in mind for your bathroom, whether you need residential woodworking or commercial wood projects. When you are looking for a custom wood furniture and design, our team will be here to assist with any piece of your interior design, from bathroom vanities, to barnwood accent walls, to full butcher block countertops. Call us now to start your project.