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How to Choose the Right Stain Shade for Your Furniture

Posted on October 30, 2020

Making a home as comfortable as possible involves numerous considerations. What furniture to buy and where to place them? Should you get that couch or that particular carpet? Where should you place the coffee table or is a new standing lamp needed? There are just too many things to think about.

To help you resolve some issues, this is a guide on choosing the right stain color for your furniture! We know this can feel like such a minor thing compared to other interior design considerations you need to make. However, picking the right shades to incorporate in any living area will definitely give it the right feel. Pick the wrong ones and your space can feel unharmonious and you won't probably like living there and you won't even know why!

So, stain shades! They are important but we are here to lessen the headache of choosing the right one.

Should you go dark or light?

If you want to achieve a moodier ambiance or your preference tends towards darker colors, then you can use that as your guide.

However, you should also think about the other elements in the room. Particularly the colors on the wall, the type of lighting, and other hues already in use within the space. While you don't have to overly match the furniture stain with the color of the walls, carpets, and curtains - you do want to properly apply complementary shades or the right pops of contrast.

Lighter stain shades for furniture are best if you are trying to achieve that contemporary or airy and breezy type of look. They can also help you make the room feel more spacious. Darker stains, meanwhile, are ideal for those who want to go for that intimate, moody, classic, or antique feel. This is not to say that there is a specific stain shade for a specific interior design. Again, what is important is that the furniture hues complement the rest of the room or contrast in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Now let's talk about cleaning and wear and tear as these factors can impact the stain shade you choose as well. Furniture that is lightly stained will show wear and tear more easily compared to darker ones. Those scratches and knots later on, especially for wooden furniture, will be more easily seen. But for those with pets, the fur shed by your cat or dog will stand out more when gathered on top of dark-stained surfaces, unless the fur is dark as well.

So, what it comes down to is thinking about your preferences, your interior design, as well as the maintenance of the furniture.

Wood species and grain

Another important consideration for choosing the right stain shade for your furniture is the species and grain of the wood. These will greatly impact how the finished product will look.

Birch furniture, for example, will have tighter grains. The stains applied to these won't easily show on these, so people tend to use darker options. The tighter the grains, the more difficult the stains are absorbed. Aside from employing darker shades, you might have to apply more coats as well. As for less tight grains, using lighter shades and fewer coats won't be much of a problem.

Wood species also affect how the stain will appear on the surface. For instance, even if you use the same stain shade, they will appear differently on oak and maple furniture. The reason behind this is that different species of wood means different sizes of pores. Smaller pores mean less stain absorption.

Knowing what type of wood you are working on is also important when it comes to highlighting the innate patterns on the wood. If the surface you are working on especially has beautiful striations or whorls, you would surely want to highlight those. Using a lighter shade here is more appropriate. On the other hand, if you wish to hide imperfections on the surface, choose darker stains.

Consider combining colors

If among your stain shade choices you cannot find the perfect one, don't pull your hair out in frustration just yet.

Consider combining shades! By combining and experimenting with different shades, you will open up new possibilities for sure. Once you've narrowed down a few choices, try staining a small part of the furniture with your few choices. See which ones look best. Put the samples in different types of light as well and observe them during the day and night time. Doing all of these will help you make a more confident selection.

You can also make use of a more detailed color wheel palette during this situation. You can ask for stain samples from the product provider as well. If you have an interior designer, consult them to further lessen the pressure on you. They can also help you coordinate the colors in the whole room better.

Also, have a vision board. Whether online or not, a vision board can help you sort out these stain shade dilemmas quicker and you can quickly refer to it while making the purchase.

Choose the perfect stain shade!

Need more help with choosing the right stain shade for your furniture? Get in touch with us here at Eden Oaks! We offer a large collection of stain shades for your use. Make your living spaces feel warm and comforting. Mix, match, or contrast.

If you need further professional advice, our team is always ready to help. We have staining experts who will patiently answer your questions and help point you in the right way. No matter what type of project you have in mind - be it a table, chair, mantel, or door - we are confident that we can help you select just the perfect stain shade!

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