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Wood Design Elements from Eden Oaks to Incorporate into Your Home

Posted on September 29, 2020

Many interior styles come and go but nothing is as resilient as wood or natural design. Bringing the essence of nature into your home can transform it into a cozy space. At the same time, wood can be easily sourced. Depending on the type, you can enjoy unique characteristics that provide more stunning detail to your house.

At Eden Oaks, you will find a variety of design elements that bring aesthetic appeal to your residence. Use this guide to learn what these elements are and how they can fit into your overall design theme.

Floor to Ceiling Wooden Accents

Best design elements for your home. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Why not go all out when it comes to integrating wooden elements to your home design? The use of wood flooring is common these days but a floor-to-ceiling concept is quite rare. By choosing this particular route, you can make your home interior stand out in an instant.

One interesting approach to try here is using different grains or colors. This will infuse textural details and subtle differences that pop visually. To make this work, you can try to use rustic accents on the floor and finer details on the walls and ceilings.

The beauty about this is that you can still incorporate modern fixtures. It is the perfect blend of rustic, minimalist, and contemporary concepts in one.

Faux Beams

Another standout design element is faux beams. It gives a cottage house feel while also making the ceiling look taller than they really are.

Many interior designers consider this as one of the must-have design elements in a modern rustic home. If this is not an option, another technique you can try is preserving the architectural details in an older property. For instance, if old stone is used on the walls, have one accent wall in the house wherein the materials are exposed. This is not just true for old stones but for wooden walls as well. These small details can visually transform a room!

Faux beams are the preferred choice for many designers because they have a hollowed core so they are not as heavy as they look. They are also cheaper and easier to transport. While they might seem better suited for rustic interiors, it is actually quite versatile. It looks great on barn-inspired, Mediterranean, contemporary, nautical, and Southwestern homes too.

Wood Stair Railing

Who knew that a simple detail as the type of railing you use on your stairs at home can have such a huge impact? Well, it does! When you buy railing from Eden Oaks, make sure to consider wooden railings. Just like the addition of faux beams, incorporating wooden elements on your stairs can give it an eye-catching yet polished look.

A beautiful staircase with wooden railing can easily be the focal point of your home interior design. Stairs are an accent piece by design. It is easy to overlook the stairs and railings but once you give it thoughtful consideration, it can make a difference.

The design of the stairs itself is the primary consideration. The handrail is secondary to that and one that gives it aesthetic value. The use of wooden railing can combine safety and protection with a chic natural-inspired design. Pay particular attention to the shape and curves of the handrails. It can make the staircase look sleek and stylish.

Accent Wall

Transform your home with stunning design elements. (Image Source: Unsplash)

A wooden accent wall is one of the newest modern design trends today. This is a great idea to transform walls that are otherwise empty and boring. It can add texture and stunning detail to your interior space when done right. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to using an accent wall for your living space. In fact, it is a versatile element that it works with any room in the house.

The living room is one of the best places to put up an accent wall. The reason for this is that the living room is the most visible space in your house; it is also one of the first rooms your guests can see. A stunning accent wall embellishes your entertaining space or makes it a point of conversation.

Other rooms in the house wherein you can incorporate an accent wall is the bedroom, dining room, or the basement/den. It looks nice as it is but it gets even better when you mount a few plants or even some lighting fixtures.


A wooden mantel is a simple yet stunning way to bring the essence of cozy living into your home. At the same time, it infuses a modern flare into the room. Many homeowners only spend time to decorate their mantel in the fall and winter. However, it can be a great design element for your home all year round when you incorporate wooden accents into it. Get started on this stunning makeover and make your mantel the true centerpiece of your home.

If you’re wondering what kind of wood to use for your fireplace mantel, a few durable choices are mahogany, walnut, and cherry. Oak, maple, or poplar are also suitable if you’re looking to save some cash.

Make sure to follow the National Fire Code which states that any combustible material, such as wood, should be at least 6 inches from the opening of your fireplace. Doing so ensures that there is reduced risk of fire and similarly unsafe situations.

Choose Eden Oaks to Elevate Your Home Design!

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