Why Should You Choose a Wood Stair Railing and Accent Walls for Your Home?

There are many ways to add warmth and texture to your home. One of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing methods is by using wood to accentuate certain areas or highlight specific features of your house. Wood is the oldest building material in the world and it’s still used today for many reasons. They provide that natural and rustic vibe that can transform any room or space and make it look warm and inviting. One of the easiest ways to use wood for your home is through wooden accent walls and a wood stair railing.

How to Use Wooden Accents

A wooden accent wall enhances any space. (Image Source: Homedit) An accent wall is a wall that attracts attention from adjacent walls. The simplest (probably cheapest) way to go about having an accent wall is by painting it with an attractive color that is different from other walls. Some people, meanwhile, use wallpapers or tiles. Wooden accent walls, on the other hand, create a different kind of dimension to a room or space.

The same goes with the staircase. Instead of having just a piece of structure in your home, a wood stair railing can turn your ordinary staircase into a statement piece that evokes a sense of style in your interior space.

The good thing about wood accent walls and railings is that the options are nearly endless. Design and woodworking companies have a wide selection of styles, colors, textures, and varieties of wood to choose from for any woodwork projects. They also have a wide selection of reclaimed woods and unfinished slabs for faux beams.

Furthermore, wood accent walls can have different combinations of textures and colors. Wood railings can be incorporated with different materials to bring out the beauty of contrasting elements. You can combine wood and glass, wood and metal, wood and stainless cable, wood and ropes, among others.

Reclaimed wood for both your accent wall and stair railing

The increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions and materials has encouraged manufacturers to come up with sustainable options. And nothing screams sustainability more than reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is a great material for adding character, warmth vibe, and a rustic sense of style to your home. As a matter of fact, it is now one of the most popular materials for accent walls, stairs, and railings.

Reclaimed wood is a material used and recycled from structures like brans, decks, factories, and warehouses. They’ve been exposed to the elements, which give them that rustic and natural wear. These two most sought-after characteristics are why people choose this material.

Why choose a wooden railing? (Image Source: Unsplash)

When used in open spaces such as in accent walls, the reclaimed wood helps emphasize space and amps the rustic charm. They help draw attention and provide a great backdrop for any room. That is why they’re commonly used in dining rooms, bedrooms, reading rooms, and even bathrooms.

Reclaimed wood is also used for wood stair railings. This is because reclaimed wood is tougher and extremely hard-wearing than most new wood in the market. A well-maintained piece of wood has been through decades of expanding and contracting during seasonal cycles, making it more stable.

Need a Wood Stair Railing and Accent Walls?

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