Customize Your Home With Eden Oaks Designer Woodware

Home, as people often say, is where your heart is, so it is important to make it as cozy and beautiful as possible. Going home should be something to look forward to after a long day's work. One of the things you can do to spice up your interiors is by adding wood accents to make your space look and feel better.

Now that many are stuck in their houses due to quarantines, a simple home renovation can be one of the ways to alleviate boredom and have something new to look at. You do not even have to do it now! Plan ahead and read up on what your home could be like with a renovation project.

Wood can be styled in many ways (Source: Pixabay)

Planks Are Not Just for Pirates

This is for sure one of the cheapest options in the entire lineup, but it is one of the most beautiful. Adding multiple planks to a wall can add texture to your space. Choose a room--for example, the dining room--and use the planks to create an accent wall.

Select various colors of wood to create a funkier vibe. If you want to go all out, use paint to express your style. Some go for pastel and others stick with a classic white. No matter the color, it will definitely be eye-catching.

Wood Pallet

Don't clash with existing furniture (Source: Pixabay)

Is your living room wall too plain? Add some wood pallets to match your space better! This works best when designing a smaller wall space. Select neutral colors so as not to clash with the other items on your console or wall.

Spice Up Wood Stair Railings

Wood stair railings are a great option when it comes to giving your home a good renovation look. Along with adding a nice new color to drab railings, the material will last you a lifetime!

Ceiling Renovations

Walls are not the only places you can spruce up. Use faux beams to create a larger and more barn-like feel to your home! Light and dark wood would work in any case!

Mixed Wood Wall

Taking a cue from the plank wall, create a rustic feel to your bedroom with a mixed wood wall. It's as straightforward as it sounds. Select different kinds of wood and use them to decorate your wall of choice!

Mix It Up in the Tub

The bathroom is usually overlooked and you've probably spent a lot of money on its fixtures already. But your bathroom walls can still be pretty! To minimize costs, use long wooden planks on a small portion of your bathroom. It is advisable to slap on some varnish and water protection on the wood you will be using.

Herringbone Wall

A fresh take on your otherwise classic planks is the way to go if you want something new and simple to add to your home. Take your wood planks and place them in a herringbone style and you've got yourself a snazzy-looking accent wall!

Custom Builds with Eden Oaks

If you're planning a home renovation, we at Eden Oaks have got just the thing for you and your home. We do custom woodworking in Colorado Springs. Give us a call at (719) 985-3336 for more information! We’ll be able to provide you with the right wood accents that will make your home look cozy and lovely, too.