Reclaimed Barn Wood for Denver

Designing custom wood furniture, updating your flooring, highlighting areas of your room with paneling, or replacing an entire wall with reclaimed wood accents are simple and subtle ways to make the most of your design without requiring a remodel.

At Eden Oaks, we have a wide selection of the reclaimed barn wood materials that you might need for a project of this scale. Our craftsmen are trained to select only the highest quality wood materials for repurposing. We scour the local areas for wood slabs that meet our standards, which has led to a fully stocked warehouse of reclaimed wood of any style. Are you looking for prefinished wood slabs distressed with cherry or charcoal accents? Would you prefer a mixture of softwood planks for a more neutral aesthetic? Or are you set on a historical tribute using weathered barn wood from an artfully crafted barn? We have a fully stocked inventory full reclaimed barn wood and accent wall materials so your ideal Denver home or office can take form!

Even if you are unsure of which materials will be best for your project, the woodworkers at Eden Oaks have years of industry experience to support your vision. Give the team a call to run through the designs you have in mind, and the craftsmen will have a comprehensive kit of materials prepared for you to work with!

On the other hand, if you are hoping to find an experienced team to handle your project for you, Eden Oaks also offers custom wood furniture, accent wall installation, fireplace mantel design, and so much more. Take a look at our products and services and call for more information on our craftsmanship.