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There are select interior design techniques that not only contribute to the look of a room but also enhance the feel of the space. Faux wood beams are one of these types of designs. Ceiling beams are an underrated element that make rooms more sophisticated in both design and functionality.

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Enhance your Room’s Design

Including decorative wood beams on your ceiling is a powerful way to take full advantage of your space for unique and creative designs. The wood finish or stain that you select carries the color theme from the bottom to the top of the room. Adding faux wood beams at certain angles can define a room’s layout by complementing the wooden furniture you choose to include. You could even take advantage of the additional surface area for hanging plants and decorations that would not have been possible before.

Elevate your Room’s Atmosphere

In addition to acting as an additional design element, faux beams serve a functional purpose, as well. In some rooms, adding decorative wood beams in strategic areas of your ceilings actually elongates the room’s dimensions, making the space feel taller or wider according to the angles and placement. As an added bonus, many Denver clients have utilized wood beams to conceal electrical cords for a cleaner finish. Plus, if done correctly by a qualified wood craftsman, the choice to include faux beams in your Denver home or office can increase the value of your property.

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