Custom Wood Bed Frames in Denver

A store-bought metal bed frame gives the room a rushed, generic feel. On the other hand, a custom wood bed frame for your Denver home can be the design staple that brings your bedroom to life.

Why Wood Headboards and Frames?

Handcrafted wood headboards and frames are both functional and beautiful, with practical applications that contribute to the overall design. A wood bed frame is an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the other commercially produced options. In addition, the natural style of a wood frame offers a warm and inviting style to your space. Finally, the handmade wood craftsmanship embodies an appreciation for the furniture as art rather than just a functional element in the room.

What Kind of Custom Wood Bed Frames does the Denver Eden Oaks Team Make?

Eden Oaks consists of a team of experienced and professional woodworkers who can develop any residential wood or commercial wood furniture and designs. We offer a variety of custom wood bed frames for you to choose from in addition to custom projects that you are free to present to the team:

  • Basic wood bed frames
  • Platform wood bed frames
  • Sleigh scroll bed frames
  • Four-poster bed frames, some with canvas
  • Bed frames with bold headboards
  • Horizontal woodgrain headboards
  • Rustic reclaimed wood bed frames
  • Custom bunk beds with corresponding stairs/ladders

When you find the bed style that works best for you, call the Eden Oaks team at 303-775-2626 and speak to an experienced wood craftsman about your next project!