Custom Floating Shelves Denver

In fact, custom-made floating shelves can be created to fit and function in anywhere:

  • Small spaces: The largest benefit of floating shelves is the added storage without the need for hefty bookshelves or table legs. Floating shelves can be installed above desks, bedframes, bathroom sinks – anywhere where there is wall room instead of both wall and floor space.
  • Open areas: Installing floating shelves in a room with an open atmosphere draws attention to their design. Instead of focusing solely on function, you can utilize floating shelves to make design statements, with asymmetrical layouts, geometrical patterns, thick, rustic styles or sleek and industrial slabs.
  • Corner crunches: One of the more exciting elements of custom floating wall shelves is the versatility – even in rooms with corners! Unlike standard catalog shelving units, a custom project can fit precisely into the corner of your space, turning a previously inaccessible area into a functional storage opportunity.

If you need more storage space, but don’t want to sacrifice your floor space to bulky shelving units, floating wall shelves are the answer! Eden Oaks creates custom floating shelves for Denver homes and businesses!

For other storage options, explore the custom wood cabinetry, the handmade wooden desks, and other crafted furniture for your Denver location. Whether your are looking for a residential or a commercial wood furniture project, our designers can help. Call us today at (303) 775-2626 to find out what we can do for you!