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Interior Wood Railing Options in Denver

Your interior wood railings are an underestimated way to incorporate subtle or striking design elements into your home or business. Though we utilize our staircases repeatedly throughout the day, we don’t usually stop to realize the design potential for the railings or the balusters. Rather than recognizing the stairs as a seamless way to unite the design elements in the different levels of a home or a business, we simply use them for their purpose and let the style slip the mind.

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If we take the time to notice our staircases and their railings, we unlock a vastly underrated design factor that can literally elevate your interior styling. Imagine a sleek and simple interior wood railing that pulls in and reflects the natural light. For a more rustic look, explore the possibility of incorporating thick slabs of reclaimed wood into your stair railings. Try a vintage look with classically finished wood stains and intricate designs on your railings and balusters. Regardless of your style preference, the team at Eden Oaks will tackle your residential or commercial custom woodworking project for a look that works with your interior design.

Whether you want to open up a smaller space or add more character, Eden Oaks will turn your staircase into a work of art while building structure that is safe and functional.

Our master craftsmen have a passion for woodworking and are experts concerning indoor wood railings for Denver, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas. Let us show you how wood railings will compliment your home’s existing woodwork and furnishings or even how we can pair your wood railing design with other commercial or residential woodworking. Choose from our most popular stains, or blend some together for a color tone that is striking and unique. We start with your vision and produce beyond your expectations, providing excellent customer service and guidance along the way. Call us at (303) 775-2626 to start your custom stair railing project today!