Custom Wood Stair Treads Denver

With custom wood stair treads, you can do just that – elevate your staircase from simple utility to a structure that boasts hand-crafted style. When you have the chance to select each unique element of your staircase, including the treads and balusters, the thickness and depth of each step, and the color of your wood finish.

Floating Stair Treads

A trending style for Denver residential and commercial design is the inclusion of floating stair treads. These custom wood stair treads offer an illusion of floating steps, usually backless with only the step itself and the railings visible in the design. The minimalist style invites a greater amount of light into your space, and the light dances over your selected wood style or finish. You may be looking for a sleek, modern style with the use of a dark black wood finish juxtaposed against a shining steel baluster. You may want a more rustic style with thick, paneled wood slabs that have jagged, repurposed edges. Whatever your preference, the team at Eden Oaks is prepared to design, craft, and install your custom stair treads.

With years of craftsmanship experience, the woodworking team at Eden Oaks has a range of products to choose from for your homes, restaurants, storefronts, or offices. From butcher block countertops and custom bar stools to creative wood accent walls and barn doors, the range of handcrafted wood projects is expansive, and the team is eager to help! Contact us now to discuss your vision and discover the natural warmth of handcrafted wood furniture today!