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We build countertops, center islands, tables, bars, stair treads, barn doors, and anything you can dream up! Our residential and commercial pieces are made to order and are one of a kind. All of our wood is 100% American-sourced and salvaged. Whether you’re looking to add to your home or commercial property, we are the Colorado Springs based architectural millwork company you can trust.

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Eden Oaks is your trusted source for reclaimed oak butcher block. Other select domestic hardwoods also available. As a trusted commercial custom woodworking company based in Colorado Springs, we supply this unique, eco friendly material to builders, designers, artists, and wood-lovers everywhere. READ MORE

To include craftsmanship in a home or commercial property is to elevate your environment with artistic flair and stylish functionality.

Eden Oaks invites you to take your home or commercial property to the next level with custom woodworking in Colorado Springs. Not only do we offer handmade wood furniture like tables, bars, bed frames and credenzas, but we also provide a variety of services that incorporate wood into the walls, stairs, and doorways of your home or office for a seamless integration of natural design.

Each of us has had the experience of ordering a piece of furniture for delivery, splaying all of the slabs and fasteners across the floor for optimal assessment, working step-by-step through the complicated instructions that always include extra parts that don’t seem to fit anywhere, ultimately, just to finish the process with a common piece of furniture that all your neighbors also have (if you ever actually manage to build it right!).

Custom Furniture

All of our custom furniture pieces are built by hand in our architectural millwork company’s Colorado Springs and Arvada workshops. We pair our reclaimed oak butcher block with a variety of other materials including steel, iron and maple. Design your own piece, choose a design you like from our website, or let us create something entirely unique for you.

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If your goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere with a personal touch, mass-produced furniture won’t cut it.

Whether you are looking for a vintage double-door entryway composed of reclaimed, raw-edge lumber or a sleek and modern mahogany dining table that fits the whole family, the professional craftsmen at Eden Oaks in Colorado Springs can make your vision come to life.


At Eden Oaks, we can design and create wooden furnishings that will serve as great accents or function the way you want them to.

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We take pride in our ability to create custom woodwork and architectural millwork for commercial use. Spruce up your office space, shop, restaurant or other place of business with a unique touch to correspond exactly with your design.

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What Our Clients Say

We are inspired by the warmth and liveliness of reclaimed and repurposed wood.

Our goal is to incorporate that energy into your home or office through custom woodworking. Colorado Springs, nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is home to natural wonders, abundant sunshine, and crisp, clean air that stems from the mountain forest and the rich culture of the neighboring metropolitan areas. Our question to you, then, is why separate your home or restaurant or workspace from the place that you call home? Embrace the beauty of Colorado Springs with custom woodworking from Eden Oaks.

If you are outside of the Colorado Springs area, you can find custom woodworking from our Denver craftsmen, as well. Call now to discuss your handmade wood furniture, accent wall, or cabinetry project and bring the beauty of Colorado inside!

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