Wooden Mantels You’ll Love

Mantels level up the beauty of any space. They can provide that needed accent to transform an area into a welcoming spot. Not only that, they are highly useful as an extra storage space.

Put your family pictures on that mantel over the fireplace and voila - you have personalized your living room and turned it into a loving space for your family. Your office needs something stylish yet a useful decor? You cannot go wrong with a wooden mantel.

Eden Oaks understand the beauty of mantels. That is why we are here for you when you need one made and installed. Reach us through our social media channels or call us at (719) 229-6245 and let’s get started on your mantel project!

Lots of Beautiful Mantel Choices

No matter your preferred interior decor style, we can create mantels that will fit right in. Rustic mantelpieces will give your home or commercial space that elegance and warmth. If you want to go the other way, we can provide you with contemporary mantels that will make the most of clean lines and modern aesthetics.

We have all kinds of stains and finishes within our disposal. Whether you prefer darker or lighter finishes, we can customize a mantelpiece that will meet your exact needs. Measurement is not an issue either. We have unlimited supply of wood, so just let us know what you want and we will be more than happy to provide.

Mantels can be the architectural crown to a living space. They command attention! Are you wanting to make a statement in your home? What better way to do that than with one of Eden Oaks’ custom reclaimed wood mantels! Mantels are the focal point of any room and having custom fireplace mantels installed by a nearby local business can help you not only beautify your space, but also boost your home’s value.

They can showcase your festive spirit and your favorite family memories. Whether you are wanting to emphasize a natural “outdoorsy” feel, a contemporary and clean feel, or anything in between, Eden Oaks is here to make your vision come to life! Our craftsmen will hone in on your ideas and create a one-of-a-kind mantel to feature in your family’s gathering space. We are dedicated to making custom wood creations that exceed your expectations.

Learn more about our new & reclaimed wood mantels by calling our Denver team at (719) 229-6245!

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