We have ample supplies of many different types of wood, salvaged repurposed oak, reclaimed wood, from all over the country. We also source all domestic hardwoods as well as African mahogany and other exotics. Eden Oaks also has a large supply of live edge slabs in many different species. If we don’t have it we will find it!

Premium Materials that Last

Nothing can captivate the senses quite like the raw, natural beauty of wood. It is one of the loveliest materials that can be used to create gorgeous pieces of custom furniture for the home. So, if you are planning to redecorate your home, or to merely furnish a room, consider getting some premium wood furniture created by master craftsmen.

What Makes Wood Such a Beautiful Material?

A piece of wood's color, luster, grain, and texture all contribute to its unique qualities. No other material can evoke such warmth and coziness when it is used to create an item for the home. Picture yourself lounging on a comfortable chair made of finely polished hardwood. Or imagine sitting down to dinner at a table crafted from beautifully stained oak.

Natural Beauty that Lasts

But beauty is not the only quality that sets wood apart from other materials. Its durability is another characteristic that makes it an excellent choice for making doors, beds, tables, and more. If tended with the proper care, wood furniture can last for decades, allowing families to transcend time by sharing an heirloom that can be used by generation after generation.

Experience the Beauty of Wood for Yourself

We at Eden Oaks specialize in the creation of custom wood furniture made from Appalachian oak butcher block. This type of environmentally friendly hardwood is the perfect material for modern homeowners who wish to add a sense of nature's timelessness to their homes.


A style of assembled hardwood used to make heavy duty kitchen countertops, tables, and furniture.


Eden Oaks exclusively uses and supplies solid red and white Appalachian oak butcher block. This raw wood has been salvaged from a Tennessee lumber yard and is environmentally-responsible green material. We have a nearly unlimited supply of reclaimed butcher block, as we continue to receive the fallout on a monthly basis. We carry both distressed and non-distressed boards.


Raw butcher block planks range in size from 6' long to just over 20' long x 12" wide and up to 1.5" thick, and are tongue + grooved for seamless joining.


In addition to the finishes above, we can darken/lighten and even blend out stains to get the perfect shade for your project.


If so desired we can accomplish a thicker surface by joining the end or side grain, or even by stacking and bonding the boards. Thickness varies and is entirely up to you.


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