Beams: Styling Up Your Residential or Commercial Properties

Eden Oak’s high-quality production of beams and faux beams are designed to lift up the aesthetics of any space, whether they are commercial or residential. We will make sure to work with you smoothly from start to finish. Bring your design ideas to life!

Transform a Space for the Better with Beams

Turn a blah room into a welcoming and fantastic area by adding beams. Not only will beams help level up the structural integrity of a space, they can also become wow factors in any room. They can support other functional and decorative elements as well, such as lamps and hanging plants.

Your imagination is the limit. And Eden Oaks will help turn your ideas into reality. Want your office building’s reception area to exude an elegant style? Perhaps you want the space to have that natural and open feel? With our beams, you can impress every visitor that walks in. The same thing goes for residential spaces. By adding the right beams, you can easily transform that space into a cozy haven for everyone in the house.

Eden Oaks Offers Quality You Can Trust

We are all about taking good care of our customers. Eden Oaks builds amazing furniture including decorative beams and faux beams. We use high-quality materials only.

We have access to many types of lumber and have a supply of reclaimed wood. In other words, we can provide the necessary attention to details and care to every project. Work with us and we will work extremely hard to meet your expectations.

Call (719) 229-6245 to discuss your beams needs. You can also reach Eden Oaks through our social media channels. Aside from beams, we take custom furniture orders. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Add ambiance to any room with faux wooden beams. They are an architectural feature that allow rooms to have higher ceilings or a decorative element that adds sophistication and charm. There are limitless possibilities for interior design with wooden and faux wood beams.

  • Add to any modern style decor by incorporating the architectural feature of wood
  • Faux (or “fake”) Ceiling beams will add rustic flare and detail to family rooms
  • Give any room an aesthetic focal point
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Decorative element that adds charm and may conceal electrical cords
  • Create the illusion of more length in smaller rooms

For more information – call Eden Oaks at (719) 229-6245 or stop by our Denver Showroom!

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