For a truly welcoming countertop, a Colorado restaurant owner would, of course, go with a natural surface. Incorporating a commercial wood bar top into your space is a perfect solution for making a strong design impact that encourages customer engagement.

The millworkers at Eden Oaks have experience designing custom commercial furniture, from wood bar tops to matching stools and custom display shelving.

Custom Wood Bar Installation

When you work with a team of craftsmen, you get the benefit of capitalizing on what your commercial space has to offer. The team will evaluate your restaurant or bar to determine the counter shape/length/height/etc., the optimal wood finish, the most uniform molding and designs, and the shelving and storage room behind the counter. With all of these options, you get to choose how you want your business to operate while also enhancing your commercial interior design with natural wood grains, butcher block styles, or sleek, smooth finishes.

We know that our woodwork is beautiful, but the biggest benefit of a commercial wood bar top installation is the fact that you control the final product. If design is your focus, we are happy to handcraft the bar top that matches your vision. If you are looking to make the most out of a small space, we’d be thrilled to take on the challenge of designing a streamlined space. Call the Denver Eden Oaks team now at (303) 775-2626 to discuss your project!