Business Store Front Signs & More

When designing a business or store front sign, you have plastics, neon, metals, vinyl, and other options to choose from. But why settle for what your neighbors use on their signs when you could rise above the competition? A custom wooden business sign gives you the freedom to display your brand with style.

For contrast and creativity, pair a custom metal logo with a striking wood accent wall for an industrial vs. natural flair. For a natural, rustic design, layer your business logo and name in uniquely designed styles and colors. The durable finish, capable of withstanding the elements, further embodies the high quality of custom craftsmanship. In fact, whether you need a smaller, intricate design for the inside of your office or a hefty store front sign that connects your brand to the Colorado culture, we have quality wood materials, sleek and striking stains, experienced artists, and more to ensure that your project comes to life. No matter what vision you have in mind, our team can customize your business signage – whether inside or outside your location.

Commercial Wooden Signage from Eden Oaks

With commercial wooden signage from the professional millworkers at Eden Oaks, you’ll get just that. Our team consists of experts in the craft, with years of experience in designing one-of-a-kind pieces, crafting custom products, and installing your finished projects into commercial spaces.