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Custom Cabinets in Colorado Springs

Cabinets are no longer just functional fixtures. They have transformed to become vital aesthetic pieces, too. The intersection between storage and style has opened an avenue of interior design that has often been overlooked, and Eden Oaks is enthusiastic about helping you embrace the new trend.

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Our expert craftsmen take pride in our ability to offer beautifully handcrafted wooden cabinets that both add extra storage space for your home and serve as beautiful accents to your Colorado Springs home or office design.

The Eden Oaks team of designers and drafters can help with creating your ideal wood cabinet design. We gather your ideas at each step of the project to create a comprehensive vision of your custom cabinets. Choose from a wide selection of custom options, including:

  • Wood styles and stains
  • Door and drawer styles
  • Enhanced panel details (Wood pegs, glass panels, etc.)
  • Overlays and insets
  • Edge cut styles
  • Hinge materials and design

Custom-Made Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are the heart of your home, where your family gathers and makes memories for years to come, and “taste” comes in multiple forms in the kitchen. Whether needing convenient access to the spices and ingredients of your upcoming dinner with family and friends or deciding on colors and style for your custom cabinetry, Eden Oaks is here to create a unique flavor of cabinets that merges functionality and design. Simple or intricate, contemporary or rustic, we want to see your kitchen dreams come to life!

Custom-Made Bath Cabinets

Another of the more-frequented locations in a Colorado Springs home or office is the bathroom. With limited areas for style, it can be a challenge to make your restroom look as appealing as the rest of your home. Designing custom cabinets is a subtle way to incorporate your personal flair, whether through sleek and smooth cabinetry or bold and rustic woodwork.

To learn more about our custom cabinet designs or the other handcrafted wooden furniture and raw wood materials we offer, call our Denver team at (719) 985-3336!