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Coffee Tables

Custom Coffee Tables in Colorado Springs

Coffee tables are a perfect example of the “missed-opportunity” style of furniture. While a standard coffee table seems to serve its purpose, the tables themselves are often bulky and impractical – to the point where some households refuse to use them!
Instead of taking up unnecessary space with a table that turns into a catch-call, be deliberate in your decision to purchase a coffee table. Work with the Colorado Springs craftsmen at Eden Oaks to design a custom traditional, farmhouse, or modern style coffee table that merges design and functionality into a purposeful piece of furniture.
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Upgraded Wood Coffee Table Design

The image that comes to mind for a standard coffee table is simple – a flat surface on four legs. But who said coffee table design can’t evolve? With custom designs, you can create a masterpiece with unique specifications that fit your space perfectly. Do you want a tiered coffee table with multiple surfaces? How about a custom farmhouse coffee table with thick and sturdy reclaimed barnwood? Or even a utility-based coffee table with a metal extension system that makes your top surface adjustable? At Eden Oaks, we can do all that and more.
Our team can produce solid wood furniture, but depending on your unique vision, we can also incorporate a variety of materials besides wood, including iron, steel, and glass. In addition, we build what you want, so if you aren’t leaning towards the simple table design, we can assist you in developing a coffee table with functional cabinets, drawers, and other storage spaces. In addition, design is our forte, so if you are hoping to see the precision of a herringbone pattern or the vintage curvature of the solid wooden table legs, you can rest assured that our team will produce the product you imagined.
Your coffee table doesn’t have to be the simple, forgettable table it has become over time. Upgrade your style with custom wood coffee table designs and let it turn into a statement piece!