So why not take pride in your desk? Instead of purchasing the mass-produced, at-home assembly desk in a box, elevate your standards with a hand-built desk from the Colorado Springs craftsmen at Eden Oaks.

Using custom, reclaimed wood styles and creative designs, your desk could go from common to quality. A deep mahogany with smooth edges could highlight the sleek style of your office. A sturdy butcher block structure turns daily function into a statement. You could even design a more industrial workstation by pairing vintage oak with a steel frame.

Regardless of your preferred interior design, a hand-built desk is the natural choice. With this option, you gain the ability to choose your own type of wood and a corresponding stain or finish that acts as the centerpiece of your office.

Plus, with a custom wood desk, the craftsmen can take advantage of your office space. While style plays a key role in design, another important factor is functionality. Do you need a workstation for a small space? Do you need multiple drawers? Do you have a unique office layout that requires a less common desk shape?

The team at Eden Oaks can customize your design to fit your workflow. With a variety of desk shapes and sizes, including the standard office desk, a full width L-shape, a hanging desk without a resting frame, or a tiered desk that allows you to work at various levels, our experienced woodworkers will develop the perfect product for your productivity.

Contact the premier Colorado Springs craftsmen now to discuss your hand-built desk or other custom wood project!