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Custom Wood Doors

Doors to Fit Any Space and Style

Eden Oaks offers a large selection of door designs to fit your style. From simple, classic doors with bold finishes to formal, modern French doors with strong tempered glass panels, Eden Oaks will design a custom product to suit your needs.

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Wide Selection of Customizable Elements

When you work with the Eden Oaks craftsmen, you can choose from a variety of styling details to create your ideal final product.

  • Select the style of your custom-made door
    • Are you looking for a standard flush door made of beautiful reclaimed wood? Do you want a charming touch with double French doors? Are you inspired by the trending interior barn doors custom made with sliding panels? The Eden Oaks team has experience engineering a wide range of styles for your perfect solution.
  • Select the color and finish of your custom door
    • Choose from a variety of paint colors for a solid statement or explore the wide range of stains to finish your door in deep mahogany, light oak, bold cherry, or other natural shades.
  • Map out the perfect door hardware
    • Which door knob matches the style of your custom door? Which locks will complement the functionality of your new design? Do you want a bronze, nickel, or brass finish? Answer these questions and more with the help from the expert Colorado wood crafting team.
  • Determine the best accessories for your custom door
    • If you feel that the standard door knob isn't enough for the style you are pursuing, explore a variety of door accessories including knockers, latches, and handles that could match your vision.
  • Finally, wrap up your design with a selection of glass styles
    • Whether you need privacy glass for an office divider or hand-stained glass for an intricate touch, Eden Oaks has a variety of options for you to consider. You could even incorporate glass panels into your interior barn doors style for a new Colorado Springs trend with a custom-made design!

Our Beautiful Doors are also Environmentally-Friendly

At Eden Oaks, we make sure to provide you with beautiful and environmentally-responsible products. With our abundant and sustainable supply of reclaimed and repurposed lumber (which happens to look outstanding on barn door projects in Colorado Springs area) you can be sure that the Eden Oaks team will always include green and environmentally-conscious materials to create your vision. In fact, we uphold this standard in our Colorado Springs and Denver custom wood doors, boasting environmentally-conscious materials and quality customer service!

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