Custom Built Reception & Office Desks in Colorado Springs

The reception desk or Point of Sale counter in your Colorado Springs office or restaurant is the first impression you get to make on your clients or customers. It’s a necessary piece of furniture for the functionality of your business, but it is also a subtle statement about your brand.

In a business office, the reception desk outlines the company workflow, inviting your clients to come forward, organizing the resources needed to perform your services, and arranging the next meeting between you and your clients. The reception desk needs to have features that enable streamlined function:

  • A counter at the right height for your clients
  • Drawers and cabinets for storage
  • Desk space for completing computer and paperwork

In a restaurant or storefront, the Point of Sale counter has a similar role. Like a reception desk, the POS counter invites your customers to request a table or explore your featured products. It also needs specific features to ensure functionality:

  • A smaller, utilitarian layout to provide customers with more space
  • Unique display shelves for featured products
  • Cubbies or storage for streamlined checkout processes

The desk or POS countertop should not be limited solely to its technical features. A custom-built reception desk or wood Point of Sale counter incorporates design into functionality, so you can get all of these features with the added benefit of a deep mahogany finish, unique reclaimed wood planks, or multi-toned barnwood slabs to elevate your commercial design. The right finish or wood selection can introduce your business atmosphere with the subtle benefit of uniting your office’s, restaurant’s, or shop’s design theme. In addition, a custom-built desk or counter will take advantage of your physical space. Inviting a craftsman into your location to consider the precise measurements will save you the trouble of having to place a premade, cumbersome unit into the parameters of your reception area.

Contact the craftsmen at Eden Oaks to create a functional unit with a unique design that fits your layout exactly!