Handcrafted Wood Tables Colorado Springs

You will find tables in nearly every single commercial establishment, but have you ever thought of making these a design staple rather than a furniture standard?

There is a sea of potential for transforming your commercial tables:

  • • In a restaurant, your tables are the meeting place for families and friends. They’re the introduction to a new team member or the setting of a first date. The table seems like something that might go unnoticed, but, in reality, it’s the center piece of the conversation. A wobbly table can kill the mood. A table that is too small can make a meal a juggling act.
    • • You need a large enough design to be functional, but you also want to be able to customize the table size so that it doesn’t inhibit your production. You want a stylish design, and the wood finish should blend with your office décor.
  • • In your store front, you may use tables for different reasons – to feature promotional products, to organize inventory, or to act as a multi-purpose foundation for your daily shop needs. You don’t want a small or unstable design that won’t support your business needs.
    • • Instead, you may want to choose a butcher block table top that not only solidifies the base of your product features, but adds rustic flair to your shop’s space.

Regardless of where you plan to feature your handcrafted wood tables, the Colorado Springs team at Eden Oaks has the design expertise that you need. We will help you create your vision with custom sizing and installation to ensure that it fits your exact commercial table needs, from the handcrafted table to the matching stools or panel wood accent walls. Contact our team today to get started on your custom wood furniture project.