Ideas to Elevate Your Home Interior Design with Faux Beams

Wood is one of the oldest and most well-loved materials for home interior design. There is a reason for this popularity – it complements every décor and style. The only downside is that they wear over time and can be quite expensive, too. The good news is that you can opt for faux beams instead for your ceiling and other accent details. They will elevate your home interior just like the real thing.

Another advantage to using faux wooden beams for your home décor is that it adds rustic charm to the interior space. It brings warmth to your space and just makes your home feel cozier . The best part of all is that they are timeless and will always be in style.

The following are a list of design ideas that you can use to incorporate wooden beams in your home interior.

Exposed Ceiling Faux Beams

How to decorate your home with wooden beams. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Exposed beams on the ceiling is one of the most classic architectural features you can incorporate to your home design. This adds a rustic and barn-like feel though it only works for houses with higher ceilings to allow room for the beams to be added in without making the space feel cramped. On the flip side, it provides a high-ceiling effect to any room.

When implementing this design, using real wood has its limitations. It is a good idea to switch to faux beams instead since they are lighter and require less maintenance. They offer the same benefits without compromising the visual and aesthetic style.

Wood-Framed Doorway

Faux wood beams can be used in a variety of ways to add an accent to your home and are certainly not limited to the ceiling. For example, you can use them as a frame for your doorway. For this one to provide more visual impact, go for the chunky and solid wood beams. This concept is best used on room-dividing doorways to help frame the flow of space from one area to another.

Aside from the aesthetic enhancement, they can also serve a functional purpose such as to build out and frame smaller support beams for the door. If you have a light colored wall, add contrast by staining the beams with a dark wooden paint color.

Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceiling is another great use for faux wood beams. This is something that you often see in churches and cottage houses. You can bring that sense of interior elegance and charm to your home by using wood beams to vault your ceiling.

As with exposed beams, this one will require you to have a high ceiling in order to maximize the effect of the wooden accents. Doing so allows you to enjoy the benefits of increased natural light, efficient use of dead space, and an exit for hot air.

Accent Wall

Wooden beams (real or not) provide a structural element to your home’s architecture and interior design. The addition of an accent wall is another way to maximize this styling technique and is becoming more common in modern homes. Therefore, this is a great idea to add style to your space.

Instead of using a single beam, you can use multiple beams to create a stylish wall. The more contrast it creates to the other walls inside your home, the better. The goal is for this accent wall to become visually arresting. The textural layout of the wooden beams not only provides contrast but also texture and depth.

Skylights Frame

Do you have skylights? You can use wooden beams as framing for these to create a beautiful pattern you will always want to look up at. Whether you have a modern, rustic, or traditional home, the use of wooden frames on the skylights will complement the interior décor nicely.

In fact, the use of a wooden accent can provide a grounding effect in your home. What that means is that it helps group your decorations together. As the skylight allows sunlight into your home, the wood brings a connection with the world outside.

You can integrate all of the natural elements into your home interior for a more seamless and consistent flow. A few wooden decorative vases, furniture and other items will help bring everything together.

Cloak Support Beams

Tips for decorating with wooden beams. (Image Source: Homedit)

Support beams on your ceilings can be an eyesore, as far as home interior design is concerned. Faux wooden beams can be used to keep these out of sight so they won’t negatively affect your interior design.

Support beams are common in rooms such as your basement. If you add wooden beams to cover them up, you are adding more style to your ceiling. In fact, the use of wood can make any room look ornate and luxurious!

Make sure to choose a finishing that complements the interior space to add more visual impact. You can finish it with dark wooden paint, or keep the aged look of the wood for a more rustic vibe.

Find Faux Beams for Your Home Interior!

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